Plan Respite for Recovery in 2011

I am writing this blog from beautiful Palm Springs, on a site visit to choose a venue for our Distinguished Advisor Conference Nov 13 to 16, 2011. The theme is Recovery, and what a wonderful place for respite–from personal and financial health challenges!
It is a place on an aquifer in the middle of a desert, where Frank and Dean and Sammy and Marilyn hung out in their heyday, and lemons grow the size of small footballs.
It boasts world class cancer, addiction, spa and critical care facilities, as well as desert hot springs and endless acres of gold courses. Its average population age is 36 despite the fact that it is still a haven for fun loving retirees.
We are lucky to have the opportunity to learn, think and recover…as a family of advisors and clients.
It’s Your Money, Your Life. In a time of recovery, respite is very important. I hope you can take a deep breath in 2011 to take a little better care of yourself.

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