Choosing Precious Gifts that Give Back

Christmas in Manitoba is so special.  It’s a snowy one here this year, and it looks like it will be “crunchy” cold. (I laughed when a Vancouver journalist expressed that phrase to me during a radio interview years ago.  Born and raised here, it had never really occurred to me that snow “slushes”  under your feet in other places!) 
This year, our globetrotting family will be together from near and far, and we try to tell everyone not to fret too much about the gifts.  Don’t run up the credit cards. . .just get back home.  As we all get older, it is so wonderful to see just what is important to the next generation.  They understand that being together is more valuable than any tangible thing money can buy.
Time is more precious than money, and we are giving the gift of time to one another.  As we bustle from one holiday fest to another, and put up the tree and the mistletoe, it becomes clearer, that it’s not about the money at all. . .it’s about peace, peace of mind and shared values that will carry us through from one generation to the next.  Christmas is a bonding time; so necessary to build strong families and strong legacies. 
December is a good month to do some tax planning with charities, too, and so that’s a tradition in our house.  You will certainly want to visit with your Investment Advisor if you wish to transfer any accrued gains to your favorite charity.  That’s a gift that gives back too. . . in the form of a tax credit when you file your 2010 tax return.
Enjoy December this year!   It’s Your Money. Your Life. . .you deserve to give yourself and your family, the precious gift of your time.

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  1. Thank you for Your wisdom and gift of time to another human …..Is not that true , more precious  gift than just  "stuff"
    I am going to do just that with my family  (daughter ) perhaps talk to her about money , how knowledge about money can enhance and embrace her on spiritual level ,values…..etc    with regards and Merry X-mas andrew

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