The Goal is to Do Your Best, Financially Speaking

The elementary school in which I voted in the Winnipeg civic election last week was filled with inspirational posters to help young students prepare to reach their potential.  One simply said “The goal is to do your best.”  It’s something parents routinely tell their kids, as they struggle to find ways to fulfill their potential.
Children who habitually do their best grow into adults who strive for continual self-improvement, deeper relationships with family, friends and colleagues, and the independence, peace of mind  and happiness that comes with achieving one’s potential, day after day.   That includes the potential to accumulate, grow, preserve and transition significant wealth.
Those at the end of a financial goal-setting process can use the same benchmark to evaluate results.  Did you do your best managing your precious resources of time and money?  Did you strive to learn more about your personal finances, investments, taxes, estate planning, debt management?  Did you apply what you learned to the decisions you needed to make?  Did you know better, but choose a less desirable route, none-the-less?  
In a country when many are both illiterate and financially illiterate, perhaps expert help was needed along the way to “do your best,” financially speaking.  This involves the skills to choose and work with the right team of financial advisors to get the financial results you want. Do you know how to do your best to help yourself to this kind of help? 
When it comes to doing your best with your money, it’s complicated, indeed.  Yet, I am inspired by an age old quote written by a famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci, which provides direction on how to do your best:   “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”
It’s year end; there’s lots you can do to manage your time and money now to be tax efficient before 2011.  Seek help if you need to.  And consider this:
It’s your money; your life.  Doing your best, financially speaking, includes making room in your calendar and your budget to work on improving your personal net worth.

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