Summer Time Off: A Good Way to Take Responsibility for Daily Stressors

On Sunday, my family and I returned from our annual fishing trip to the beauty of the pristine Manitoba lake country. Sitting in a boat on a lake so still it looks like glass, there is plenty of time to de-stress.

Stress, I’ve heard, happens when there is a disconnect between what you believe in and what you do. There are some, who might say they have a disconnect in their relationships—perhaps with other individuals in their lives. Many others also have a disconnect in their relationship with time and money.

What do we believe in? It’s an important question we should ask more often of our selves, and perhaps our clients, too. How much money does it take to live a life in balance with our beliefs?

If we believe in family, then why do we work so much?

If we believe in healthy living, why do we pass on sleep and exercise in favor of making more money?

If we believe in enjoying the fruits of our labor, why do we postpone holidays?

Imagine, sitting in the middle of the lake, so still, you can hear the nearby loon glide masterfully into the water. . .only to shriek it’s eerily beautiful call of vitality moments later. . . Our annual family fishing trip is always a lovely wake up call for me. The calming power of nature simply fills the senses and restores balance.

To have downtime, to spend it with those you love the most, to eat well, sleep well and exercise with an invigorating hike in the Canadian back woods—yes, it brings it all brings life back into focus. If you have the freedom, the good health and the good company to enjoy the spectacle of nature, I would highly recommend it. . .whether or not the fishing is any good!

The Knowledge Bureau instructional team will close for its annual staff vacation week July 26 to 31. Our assistant registrar, Carol, will be available that week to answer your questions about the right continuing educational program for you. Rest assured, Carol is taking her time off the following week!

It’s your money and your life. . .when you match valuable time with precious personal values—the result is priceless!

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