Give The Gift Of Time: It’s Precious

It seems to sneak up on us every year: the Christmas Holiday season. Regardless of how you celebrate, it is a time to reflect, count your blessings, give, and re-evaluate how you will use your precious resources of time and money in the new year.

At Knowledge Bureau, we spend every day working on delivering excellence in financial education to highly motivated professional advisors who want to take their continuing professional development to an even higher level as masters and specialists in their field. For us that means staying on top of the most current issues in the Canadian economy, and how they relate to the development of Canadian tax laws and the wealth management activities that emerge from this.

To meet our mandate to improve the standard of skill and care your tax and financial advisors apply to the stewardship of your family’s wealth over time, we also have the pleasure of working with some of the most influential voices in the tax and financial services industry who participate in writing financial books with us, supporting our online certificate courses or teach in our regional Canadian workshops and at our annual Distinguished Advisor Conference.

To teach is a passion. It is about so much more than the size of the tax refund or the specificity behind the investment decisions relating to transition periods through family lifecycles: it’s about ensuring Canadians can have financial peace of mind– now and in the future – so that they can maximize the time they have to make a difference and create lasting memories.

That’s true wealth management. . .it’s about managing your financial capital so that your human capital can be well deployed to lead a balanced life. It’s tough to do when everyone is so busy, but it includes taking time off to really enjoy the season with those who matter the most to you in your life.

All of us here at Knowledge Bureau wish to thank you for supporting our passion to teach and raise standards in the tax and financial services. We hope you too can give the gift of your time, and take some of that back for yourself as you slow down for the holidays.

We wish you safe and HAPPY HOLIDAYS and all the very best for the new year!

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